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10.05.02 - 11:11 a.m.

Ah, it's Rhode Island. Rhode Island Rhode Island. Where on earth did I get Jersey?


10.04.02 - 9:31 a.m.

Hungover, naturally, with a foul taste in my mouth.

Then I remembered that I hadn't anything to drink the night before, and cursed audibly.

The Transient mentioned one entry before has departed. Presumably, for Asheville. We wish him best of luck.

Because I have no money at all, I purchased a frilly yesterday. A bottle of 'cupid' color nail polish, which paint graces my left hand. I haven't quite managed to sit still long enough to do my right.

Cupid, as you can probably imagine, is a somewhat dark red. I realise that this is not something one typically associates with a Rabbit, nevertheless. One of the wonderful things, I think, about being a lesbian is the more obvious freedom to be Femmy, if one chooses, as opposed to Femme being expected of you.

I enjoy ambivolent genders, or, failing that, neutral. I like Macho girls and girly men, and femmness when it's radical. And the same with masculine men. Now, your typical Manly-man and girly-girl, I don't dislike, it's just they don't like me. Much in the way of oysters and sensitive stomachs.

Anyway. My lark of wearing long black gowns in various layers all day is becoming something of a fetish. Although I'm not doing it now. This is a break from housework. I've got laundry to do-- going to see fair Ilia in NJ on sunday for about a week and haven't a thing to wear.

So, next week, I shant be very much about, for those who may care. I'll be working on a certain 7000 word a week project, and also preparing for this, with which I am registered and committed. Clued in by the everlovely Echo, merci.

Back, I suppose, to dishes and worrying about electons that have already occured.

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