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09.23.02 - 7:28 p.m.

We need some new words.

Don't get me wrong-- Lech, lecher, and lechery are three of my favorites, and I am a proud member of the that class, as it were. But perhaps I am slightly tired of my hobbies, habits, and tastes connoting 'dirty'. Perverse is all right, I suppose, though definately skirting the edge of my tolerance.

These are the terms I am wearied of: dirty, filthy, sick, twisted, foul, gutter, raunchy, sluttish, whorish, gross, frightening, scary, bizzare, unnatural, freak, wrong.

I'll get over it, I'm sure, as half of these words are typically glorious badges for me.

Perhaps though, for a little while, I should not like to have to turn denotation on its head for a little peace of mind. I should like to be a woman who really, truly, and massively likes sex an awful lot, would love to have it as often as possible. With women, and a very few select men entirely for bragging rights.

(Like Anthony Crivello. Damn, but I'd shag that man given half an opportunity. Or course, the only people who'd really care are musical fans and non-coporeal blond-boys, but still. Rrowr.)

I would like this to not be a bad thing. And I would like there to be words to that effect. I would like the reading and writing of sladh to have a term equal in harmlessness to healthy, wholesome, good-for-you, pleasing, nice, friendly, cuddly (although that has been used, occasionally), delightful, graceful, suave, genteel, good, exalted, wonderful, high, lofty, pure, true.

At least Fabulous and sometimes exquisite are commanded thus.

*Sighs* I know, I know. Hopefully I'll get over this soon. Maybe a nice bottle of Citron will help.

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