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twenty-seven dollars and fifteen cents!

2001-06-21 - 3:21 p.m.

is the approximate net worth of yours truly, now that she's paid her june power and her july rent. Which included giving the realtors my intent to vacate notice.

1 year, no lateness. And i'm moving sometime before July 31st, if only I knew where.

I suppose that isn't important yet though. I have roomates, though the job must happen if i'm to hold up my end of it. I still have Bath and Body Works, if they deign to give me any hours. So i'm looking for a job i can Live With. I mean, something I might actually enjoy, insetead of a scraper by. Because the theme of the 200-2001 school-of-hard-knocks year was The Odessey: Breaking Even.

I suppose that's what I've done. I still need to pay off my phone, but it's a year and I'm more or less back to zero. Plus one job that i barely work at, plus one black mark on my employment record for being fired for incompetence and rudeness. Plus my Apprentice Oaths, minus the $400 i had when I got here.

Plus at least 2 webpages and a slew of fanfic, let alone more prolifigate french and other boys than you can shake a stick at.

Plus this diary, many friends and noveau family members, minus one heart, which I broke, plus one writing partnership with a magical fox.

plus a year and 3000 miles between me and my feline muse.

plus one splitting headache which will not go away, minus one family, with which I was born, plus the fleas which eat me and my kitten alive.

It is midsummer's day, and my old drama teacher's wedding anniversary. They got married in the rose garden at the Capitol building in Sacto, CA, in ren garb. the entire drama dept was in the wedding. it was beautiful.

I need to do Something for the season.

And then I need to start sloughing off the dead cells of the crap i've accummulated in this little hole of mine, which is not mine. I'm called the Plus, but this is a Minus time of year.

Time to get officially negative, which can be a good thing, like, if you're talking about a disease, or, sometimes, a pregnancy test.

"If you erase the debt record, everyone returns to zero." -Fight Club.

And we can negative the fleas too, i think. Yeah.

So this is life on my own. Fantastic.

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