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01.16.03 - 8:57 a.m.

Well, my teeth are rotting out of my everlovin head, and so I get to run about looking for a dentist who will do an emergency crown and not want my soul and firstborn child for it. My Daddy's dental insurance, at least, lasts til I'm 23. Procrastination is a Very Bad Thing, and o, it looks like the insurance provider's website does not want to work. Oh poop.

This, as per some Rob Brenzy Advice is where I shall be expected to be until, precisely July 31st, 2003:

Here, in this house in Durham NC. I shall probably remain working for Morgan Imports, and possibly attend summer classes at Durham Tech. I expect to do some campaigning/fundraising for Equality NC, and make several trips to a dental surgeon.

After the aformentioned date, I have no idea. Maybe I'll have a better clue towards beltine.

Now I think I'll crawl back into bed until I get some rather more poetic inspiration.

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